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How do bail bonds work in Utah?

Numerous Utah bail bond companies can bail you (or another person) out anytime of the day or night in Utah. At your convenience, many bail bond companies will come pick you up discreetly. Payment plans are usually available depending on each case.

To better understand how bail bonds work in Utah, upon arrest anywhere in the state of Utah, a person must first be processed at the local county jail. To be released from jail, a few steps must occur, including being booked into jail and posting bail. The bail amount is decided by looking at the Utah bail schedule which shows amounts per crime. If you don’t agree with the bail amount set or can’t afford a bail bondsman, then you can wait for your bail hearing with a Utah judge who can take more things into account for your bail amount. The judge may look at your criminal history, type of offense committed, flight risk, danger to others, and your financial situation before determining if they should adjust the bail amount set. This process takes longer and it’s not a guarantee that your bail amount will be reduced.

With that in mind, most people that are arrested in Utah accept the bail amount that’s initially set and pay via cash or they ask a bail bondsman to post the bail bond at the local jail. Once bail is posted, the release process starts and typically can take anywhere from one to two hours to complete.

Utah Bail Bonds agents can aid you with all your bail needs:

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  • Utah Property Bail Bonds
  • Utah Surety Bail Bonds

It’s important that you make all your court dates and meet all expectations of your bail bondsman dealing with any check-ins, alcohol/drug testing, or travel restrictions. Breaking any of the rules set with the bail bond and your release terms can result in you owing the full bail amount and potentially being arrested again.

How much is bail in Utah?

Individuals should ask the question of “How much does a bail bond cost?” so they understand what costs are associated with bail. Utah has a range that bail bondsmen can charge for a bail bond fee. The minimum fee that can be charged is 10% and the maximum is 20%. This allows the bondsman to evaluate the risk of the individual and apply the appropriate cost for the bail bond. To give yourself the best option of a low fee, contact multiple bail bondsman to see what options they have for you.

Be sure to take everything into account when choosing your bail bondsman in Utah. It’s possible that one bondman may charge you 10% for the bail bond but will put in place a lot of rules upon release. They may add contractual rules outside of bail bond fees, for example, requirements on tracking devices, check-ins, travel rules outside of the state of Utah and drug or alcohol tests. While you may save 5% on your bail bond fee vs another bondsman, is the 5% bond discount worth it to you considering the extra stipulations? They are not direct money costs, but they do take up your time from school and work and increase your risk of not meeting your release obligations.

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