Bail Bonds in Saluda County, SC – Ultimate Guide! Find Bondsmen, How Bail Works, Bail Costs


Saluda County, South Carolina Bail Bonds – Find Bondsman in Saluda County, SC– How Bail Works, Bail Costs

Our expertly written guide provides all you need to know about bail bonds in Saluda County, SC. We cover critical information dealing with how bail works and what fees and costs you should expect to be charged when looking to bail someone out of Saluda County, SC Jail. Learn about common bail amounts, locate nearby bail bondsmen, jails, sheriff's offices, and learn more about common crimes that occur in Saluda County, SC.

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We pride ourselves on giving you a comprehensive guide knowing the stress that comes with having someone in jail. We include information on resources that may be useful during this time, like contact information for criminal defense attorneys, and even nearby job centers to help those that may have lost their jobs while under arrest.

: Saluda County


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Bail Bondsmen in Saluda County, SC

Our bail bonds listings cover all nearby bail bondsmen that service the Saluda County jail. Find contact information for each bail bonds company, and be sure to ask about payment plans and low % down options. When calling a bail bondsmen, you will need the first and last name of the arrested person and the name of the county jail they are located in.

Top 3 Bail Bondsmen in Saluda County, South CarolinaTop 3 Bail Bonds Companies in Saluda County, SC

Smith Bail Bonds
528 Calhoun St, Johnston, SC
Best Bail Bonds Companies in Saluda County, South Carolina
Frye Bail Bonds
651C West Columbia Avenue, Batesburg, SC
Best Bail Bonds Companies in Saluda County, South Carolina
Frye Bail Bonds
651 W Columbia Ave # C, Batesburg-Leesville, SC
Best Bail Bonds Companies in Saluda County, South Carolina

Additional Bail Bonds Near Saluda County, SC Jail

Sharon Davis Bail Bonding
Affordable Bonding
1037 Sandpit Road, Leesville, SC
Frye Gene Bail Bonds
714 Kendall Road, Newberry, SC
Reliable Bonding
1509 Kendall Rd, Newberry, SC
Last Chance Bail Bonds
104 Cherokee Dr, Greenwood, SC
.Get Out Bail Bonding
1136 Main St S # A, Greenwood, SC
A-Z Bail Bonding
602 Edgefield St, Greenwood, SC
Capital City Bail Bonding
419 Edgefield St, Greenwood, SC
Alfonzo Williams Bonding Co
Metro Bail Bonds Lexington Sc

How do bail bonds work in Saluda County, SC?

To better understand how bail bonds work in South Carolina, upon arrest a person must first be processed at the local county jail. To be released from jail, a few steps must occur, including being booked and posting bail.

Once the bail amount is confirmed, you have a few bail options you can consider in South Carolina. If the arrest was for a minor misdemeanor charge, you may be able to cover the entire bail amount in cash yourself. The judge may also release you under Own Recognizance (OR) which is typically used on smaller crimes committed where the judge has strong confidence that you will show up to court. If it's a felony charge or you have a higher bail bond set due to a prior history of not appearing in court, you may need to use a bail bondsman. If you don't agree with the bail amount, you can wait for the bail hearing which typically happens within 24 hours of arrest in South Carolina.

If you choose to use a bail bond agent, they can be sent to post the bail bond at the local jail. Then, the release procedure begins and typically takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to be completed. Using the service of a bail bondsman typically requires collateral and someone to co-sign on the bail bond.

We highly recommend reading of our complete guide on how bail bonds work to learn more about the bail process. If you are attempting to bail someone out from another state, you can talk with your local bondsman that's the bondman in your county, and not the state where the person is detained.

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How much does a bail bond cost in Saluda County, SC?

In South Carolina, bail bond fees are set by the SC Department of Insurance, and will cost you no less than $25 and cannot exceed 15% of the total bail bond amount . With competition between bondsmen, most will charge around 10% but their official cap is at 15% of the total. You will not be able to get this money back from a bail bondsman.

Do your due diligence by contacting multiple bondsmen in South Carolina to see what rates they offer. You will need to provide you background, criminal history, and answer any questions that may help the bondsman determine your flight risk. It's possible to negotiate a lower bail bond fee in some cases.

We recommend reading our guide on how much bail costs for a deep dive into fees bondsmen charge. It's also critical to understand that you do not get bail money back, specifically the 10% bail fee back from the bondsman.

County Jail, Sheriff & Police Near Saluda County, SC

Saluda County Detention Center
205 East Church Street 2913, Saluda, SC
Saluda Police Jail
101 South Jefferson Street 2913, Saluda, SC
Ridge Spring Police Department
632 E Main Street 2912, Ridge Spring, SC
Johnston Police Jail
500 Mims Avenue 2983, Johnston, SC
Ninety Six Police Jail
100 North Church Street 2966, Ninety Six, SC

Saluda County, SC Crime Statistics

Annual number of crimes that were reported to the police in Saluda County, SC. Data is based on FBI crime statistics database.

Saluda County, SC Bail Amounts for Different Crimes – How much is bail?

We provide estimates on average bail prices for different misdemeanor and felony crimes in Saluda County, SC. These are estimates since the exact amounts can vary substantially depending on your age, details involving the charge, criminal history, and prior record of not appearing to court.

  • – Ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on type of assault
  • – Possession of controlled substance can range from $500 to 2,500 bail
  • - $25,000 to $100,000 bail amount
  • – No bail amount set or $1 million in some cases
  • – Voluntary manslaughter $100,000 and involuntary starting at $25,000
  • - $500 to $2,500 depending on history and details surrounding the offense
  • – Typically $200 to $500
  • - $20,000 minimum but up to $50,000 in some areas

Check our detailed guide to learn more about how bail is determined, find additional bail prices for crimes, and find out how bail can be lowered.

Demographic Data

Key demographic data based on Census for Saluda County, SC. Much of this information can be useful for bail bondsmen who are prospecting the county as a possibility to start a bail bonds business. Education, income, and employment statistics are vital in assessing the overall risk of a population when it comes to lending money for bail. Median home values are useful to determine collateral for property bail bonds.

Population in Saluda County, SC

Saluda County, SC has seen a 2.90% change in population over a six year period, compared to 8.63% for South Carolina, and 5.50% for the rest of the US.

Ethnicity in Saluda County, SC

Education Attainment in Saluda County, SC

Unemployment Statistics in Saluda County, SC

Unemployment data is based on Bureau of Labor statistics. Employment status is the single most important piece of information that bail bondsmen consider when deciding to bail someone out of jail. Having a job and an active income stream is the single most impactful reassurance bondsmen can have.

Median Household Income in Saluda County, SC

The median household income for Saluda County, SC is roughly 88.1% of the overall South Carolina state average.

Median Home Values in Saluda County, SC

Property bonds are a good way of making bail if an individual has equity in their property but very little or no cash. By looking at the median home values in Saluda County, SC, we can roughly estimate the asset potential the county’s residents have.

Lawyers in Saluda County, SC

We pride ourselves on our reader focused approach, which includes providing information on resources that may be useful.

It’s generally a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer to seek assistance for the trial, fair sentencing, and even to challenge the bail amount that is being set for the person you are looking to release from jail. Particularly when cash bail is set, it’s important that bail is set fairly, which is an area where a lawyer can assist.

If you need free or low-income legal help, you may qualify for assistance from the American Bar Association.

Christian Giresi Spradley
110 S. Main St, Saluda, SC
C. Rauch Wise
305 Main St, Greenwood, SC
Alexis S Bell
600 Monument St Sutie 208, Greenwood, SC
Stephen Drew Geoly
1225 S. Main St, Greenwood, SC
Carson McCurry Henderson
109 Oak Ave, Greenwood, SC

Job Centers in Saluda County, SC

One of the shortcomings of the bail system is the time someone can be stuck in jail – it’s often enough time for a person to lose their job. To make matters worse, having a tarnished record further complicates matters. This is why we are listing reputable job centers near Saluda County, SC to help get people back on their feet.

Saluda County One-Stop Workforce Center
407 West Butler Avenue, Saluda, SC
Edgefield One-Stop Workforce Center
400 Church Street, Edgefield, SC
Greenwood SC Works
927 E Cambridge Ave, Greenwood, SC
Newberry County SC Works Office
833 Main Street, Newberry, SC
Aiken One Stop Workforce Center
1571 Richland Avenue East, Aiken, SC

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