Can a bondsman require bail paid in full?

Bail Bonds Questions & AnswersCategory: BailCan a bondsman require bail paid in full?
McKenzie Hunter asked 1 year ago

I was arrested for a DUI and Possession. Total bail was $4000, 1,000 for DUI and $3000 for Possession. I do not have any family here so it had to be paid from out of state. The bonds company forced us to pay the ENTIRE amount, in escrow, listing collateral and REQUIRED A CO SIGNER! Since then the possession charge was dropped and they stated they can not refund the $3000 dollars until the second charge has been handled. I feel like they were very sneaky in how they went about all of this seeing as I could have just paid the court directly instead of them now getting to keep 10% for doing nothing! Are they allowed to do require the full amount as well as keep the bail for a charge that has been dropped? 

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