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Updated: November 27, 2023

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Bail Bonds in merritt MI

All Points Bail Bonds
438 W Sunset Dr, Roscommon, MI

Bond Bonding
11140 Stephan Bridge Rd, Roscommon, MI

First Bail Bonds
205 East Harris Street, Cadillac, MI

Mid Michigan Bail Bonds
373 N 1st St, Harrison, MI

Wexford County Bail Bonds
121 N Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI

Great Lakes Bonding
4145 South Dublin, Cadillac, MI

A Aability Bail Bonds
Grayling, MI

Quick Bails Bond
218 Crestwood Dr, Grayling, MI

Quick Bail Bonds
2752 Lindhaven Drive, Lake, MI

Quick Bail Bond
2752 Lindhaven Dr, Lake, MI

Free Bail Money - Bail Funds in Michigan - Help With Bond Money

Bail funds provide free bail money for individuals who otherwise would not have a way out of jail. Before approaching charitable bail funds, first go through the local jurisdiction to discuss lowering the set bail amount. A magistrate or judge can assess each individual case on the basis of low income in hope of lowering the bail amount.

After exhausting these options, the next step is to approach local charity bail funds to see if they can assist in providing a free bail bond. Nationwide bail funds exist if options are limited in your area.

Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund
Bail Funds - Website Website
Bail Funds - Website Email

Kent County Immigration Bond for Our Neighbor’s Defense Fund
Bail Funds - Phone (248)727-3529
Bail Funds - Website Website
Bail Funds - Website Email

Nationwide Free Bail Funds

National Bail Fund Network
Bail Funds - Website Website

The Bail Project
Bail Funds - Phone (323)366-0799
Bail Funds - Website Website

LGBTQ Freedom Fund
Bail Funds - Phone (786)233-8969
Bail Funds - Website Website

Black Immigrants Bail Fund
Bail Funds - Phone (947)517-7451
Bail Funds - Website Website
Bail Funds - Website Email

Jails Near merritt - Bookings, Bail Out Inmates

Search for an inmate by contacting the local jails or corrections facilities. After being booked, bail can be posted in cash or through a bail bondsman for a 10% bail fee.

Missaukee County Jail
110 South Pine Street, Lake, MI

Roscommon County Jail
111 South 2nd Street, Roscommon, MI

Roscommon County Juvenile Detention Center
112 South 4th Street, Roscommon, MI

Wexford County Jail
1015 Lincoln Street, Cadillac, MI

Wexford County Jail
820 South Carmel Street, Cadillac, MI

Clare County Correctional Facility
255 West Main Street, Harrison, MI

Crawford County Jail
200 West Michigan Avenue, Grayling, MI

Shawono Center
10 North Howes Lake Road, Grayling, MI

Kalkaska County Jail
605 North Birch Street, Kalkaska, MI

Gladwin County Jail
501 West Cedar Avenue, Gladwin, MI

Courts Near merritt - Bail Hearings & Terms

Consult with the local court for bail hearings, bail amount reductions, confirming court dates, and ensuring bail agreements are not breached.

Lake City District Court
111 Canal Street, Lake, MI

Lake City Circuit Court
111 Canal Street, Lake, MI

Roscommon District Court
500 Lake Street, Roscommon, MI

Roscommon Circuit Court
500 Lake Street, Roscommon, MI

Wexford Circuit Court
437 East Division Street, Cadillac, MI

Cadillac Circuit Court
437 East Division Street, Cadillac, MI

Harrison Circuit Court
225 West Main Street, Harrison, MI

Harrison District Court
225 West Main Street, Harrison, MI

Grayling Circuit Court
200 Michigan Avenue, Grayling, MI

Grayling District Court
200 Michigan Avenue, Grayling, MI

Lawyers Near merritt - Bail & Legal Assistance

Call a local lawyer at 1-877-269-0595 to get help with lowering your bail amount, finding bail, and legal assistance through the criminal process. You can also chat with a lawyer.

Gary Hoffman
1501 S Morey Rd, Lake City, MI
(231) 839-4326

Todd H. Nye
10393 S. Merrio Rd., Roscommon, MI
(989) 821-1225

Aaron S. Coltrane
241 Lake St., Roscommon, MI

Tara Hovey
195 S Main St, Harrison, MI

Mark R. Mitchell
124 E Chapin St, Cadillac, MI

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