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Updated: November 27, 2023

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Bail Bonds in houston TX

Set Em Free Bail Bonds
7613 Homestead Rd, Houston, TX

Woodard's Bail Bond Svc
6108 Tidwell Rd, Houston, TX

Lockwood Bail Bond Co
1702 Lockwood Dr, Houston, TX

Kubosh & Associates Law Office
7019 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX

Xit Bail Bonds
7434 Brownwood St, Houston, TX

Greenspoint Bail Bond Houston
8721 Jensen Dr, Houston, TX

A Better Bail Bond Homestead
10024 Homestead Rd, Houston, TX

A Better Bail Bond
10024 Homestead Road, Houston, TX

Cuffs Off Bail Bonds A
5912 Irvington Blvd, Houston, TX

Better Now Than Later Bailbonding Company
10124 Eastex Fwy, Houston, TX

Free Bail Money - Bail Funds in Texas - Help With Bond Money

Bail funds provide free bail money for individuals who otherwise would not have a way out of jail. Before approaching charitable bail funds, first go through the local jurisdiction to discuss lowering the set bail amount. A magistrate or judge can assess each individual case on the basis of low income in hope of lowering the bail amount.

After exhausting these options, the next step is to approach local charity bail funds to see if they can assist in providing a free bail bond. Nationwide bail funds exist if options are limited in your area.

Texas Jail Project
13121 Louetta Rd #1330
Cypress, TX
Bail Funds - Phone (512)469-7665
Bail Funds - Website Website
Bail Funds - Website Email

Denton Bail Fund
Bail Funds - Phone (940)268-2478
Bail Funds - Website Website
Bail Funds - Website Email

Luke 4:18 Bail Fund
1111 W Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX
Bail Funds - Phone (972)803-8783
Bail Funds - Website Website
Bail Funds - Website Email

Texas Organizing Project Education Fund
P.O. Box 120296
San Antonio, TX
Bail Funds - Website Website

Fronterizo Fianza Fund
El Paso Area - Immigration Focused
Bail Funds - Phone (915)209-1447
Bail Funds - Website Website
Bail Funds - Website Email

Hutto Community Deportation Defense & Bond Fund
Austin Area - Immigration Focused
Bail Funds - Website Website

Jails Near houston - Bookings, Bail Out Inmates

Search for an inmate by contacting the local jails or corrections facilities. After being booked, bail can be posted in cash or through a bail bondsman for a 10% bail fee.

Harris County Bakers Street Jail
1307 Baker Street, Houston, TX

Kegans State Jail
707 Top Street, Houston, TX

Harris County 711 Jail
711 North San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX

Harris County 1200 Jail
1200 Baker Street, Houston, TX

Harris County 701 Jail
701 North San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX

Harris County Inmate Processing Division
1201 Commerce Street, Houston, TX

Harris County Juvenile Detention Center
1200 Congress Street, Houston, TX

Harris County Juvenile Justice Center
1200 Congress Avenue, Houston, TX

Houston City Central Jail
61 Riesner Street, Houston, TX

Fdc Houston
1200 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX

Courts Near houston - Bail Hearings & Terms

Consult with the local court for bail hearings, bail amount reductions, confirming court dates, and ensuring bail agreements are not breached.

East Houston Justice of Peace Court
333 Lockwood Drive, Houston, TX

Harris County District Court
1201 Franklin Street, Houston, TX

Harris County Criminal Court
1201 Franklin Street, Houston, TX

Houston District Court I
201 Caroline Street, Houston, TX

Harris Constitutional County Court
1001 Preston Street, Houston, TX

Downtown Houston Justice of Peace Court
1302 Preston Street, Houston, TX

Eastend Houston Justice of Peace Court
1001 South Sgt Macario Garcia Drive, Houston, TX

Jacinto City Municipal Court
10301 Market Street Road, Houston, TX

Houston Municipal Court
1400 Lubbock Street, Houston, TX

Northeast Houston Justice of Peace Court
14350 Wallisville Road, Houston, TX

Lawyers Near houston - Bail & Legal Assistance

Call a local lawyer at 1-877-269-0595 to get help with lowering your bail amount, finding bail, and legal assistance through the criminal process. You can also chat with a lawyer.

Deborah C. Coleman-Fron
18333 Egret Bay Blvd., Houston, TX
(281) 771-1690

William Turman Reece Jr
107 Woodward Pl, San Antonio, TX

Gil J Altom Jr.
706 S. Washington St., Kaufman, TX

Brandi Hunt Fernandez
1023 W. U.S. Hwy. 175, Crandall, TX
(972) 655-8365

Kenneth P. Gober III
102 East Moore Ave., Suite 218, Terrell, TX
(972) 524-3388

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  1. My husband is on hays county jail ive ask to reduce an PR bond with everything going on no one will respond back.

  2. My son was in harris county I paid the bail bond we checked to make sure there were no holds. As soon as I paid the bail there was a hold for Calhoun County now there is another bail bond the one bailbond Co I used is willing to do it for cheap 1500 but I gave everything I had please help

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