Bail Bonds in Baldwin County – Ultimate Guide!

Our expertly written guide provides all you need to know about bail bonds in Baldwin County. We cover critical information dealing with how bail works and what fees and costs you should expect to be charged when looking to bail someone out of Baldwin County Jail. Learn about common bail amounts, locate nearby bail bondsmen, jails, sheriff's offices, and learn more about common crimes that occur in Baldwin County, AL.

We pride ourselves on giving you a comprehensive guide knowing the stress that comes with having someone in jail. We include information on resources that may be useful during this time, like contact information for criminal defense attorneys, and even nearby job centers to help those that may have lost their jobs while under arrest.


Bail Bondsmen in Baldwin County

Our bail bonds listings cover all nearby bail bondsmen that service the Baldwin County, AL jail. Find contact information for each bail bonds company, and be sure to ask about payment plans and low % down options. When calling a bail bondsmen, you will need the first and last name of the arrested person and the name of the county jail they are located in.

Top 3 Bail Bonds Companies in Baldwin County, AL

Foulcard Bail Bonding And Insurance Agency
320 Willow St Ste. A, Franklin, LA
4.60 miles away
Foulcard Bail Bonding
103 Wilson Street, Franklin, LA
4.70 miles away
Bustin' Loose Bail Bond Services
407 Cypress Ln, Jeanerette, LA
8.58 miles away

Additional Bail Bonds Near Baldwin County, AL Jail

Ace Bail Bonding Service
303 Cypress Lane, Jeanerette, LA
8.60 miles away
1A Bail Bonds
723 Kelli Dr, Patterson, LA
17.60 miles away
Brother's Bail Bonding
805 Weldon Street, New Iberia, LA
18.89 miles away
Cajun Bail Bonds
New Iberia, LA
19.66 miles away
Bayou Bail Bonding
New Iberia, LA
19.66 miles away
Foulcard Bail Bonding
New Iberia, LA
19.66 miles away
Cut Rate Bail Bonds
New Iberia, LA
19.67 miles away
A. D.'s Bail Bonds
New Iberia, LA
19.67 miles away
Richard's Bonding Inc
1210 Center Street, New Iberia, LA
19.83 miles away
Mike's Bail Bonding Services
1406 Center St, New Iberia, LA
19.89 miles away

How do bail bonds work in Baldwin County?

Upon arrest anywhere in the state of Alabama, a person must be processed at the local county jail. In order to be released from jail, several steps must occur, including being booked and posting bail. It's important to know what bail options you have at your disposal. Alabama uses a bail schedule with pre-defined bail amounts for common offenses. This speeds up the process to get out of jail as you don't have to wait for the judge to determine every bail amount set. Once the bail amount is confirmed, you can use a variety of options to be released from jail. A bail bond is the most common method of release in Alabama. The bail bondsman can post the bond at the local Alabama jail. Using the service of a bail bondsman typically requires collateral and someone to co-sign on the bail bond.

After bail is set and paid, the release procedure begins and typically can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to be completed. Although paying for the bond fully in cash is permitted, it is not common due to the high up-front expense. You will get your entire bail payment back when using cash, but you need to come up with the entire bail amount right away, and the cash won't be returned until after the trial.

Alabama's court system can also release you on Own Recognizance (OR) which is typically used on smaller crimes committed and the judge finds you low risk and has strong confidence that you will show up to court. The final option for jail release is on a Property Bond. You will need personal property or land/home value that's equal or greater than the bail amount. If you don't show up to court or violate your release terms, the Alabama court will issue a warrant for your arrest and can take over your property.

We highly recommend reading of our complete guide on how bail bonds work to learn more about the bail process. If you are attempting to bail someone out from another state, you can talk with your local bondsman – that’s the bondman in your county, and not the state where the person is detained.

How much does a bail bond cost in Baldwin County?

As defined by the Alabama Department of Insurance, there is a required 10% bail bond fee to obtain a surety bond from a bail bondsman, but you can always go the route of using your own money or borrowing from someone else to avoid paying this fee. You should seek out the most reputable bail bondsman since the 10% bail fee will be the same across all companies in Alabama.

Misdemeanors charges in Alabama come with a bail amount of $300 to $7,500. Most charges are around $300-$1,000 but a Class A Misdemeanor in Alabama can be as high as $6,000 and a DUI in Alabama can have bail set from $1,000 to $7,500. The bail bond fee you will pay will be 10% of this amount.

Remember to carefully review the terms of the agreement to ensure it's fair. Some bail bondsmen may put in extra restrictions that others may not - like not being allowed to leave the state, having to wear a tracking device, or having more frequent check-ins compared to another bondsman.

We recommend reading our guide on how much bail costs for a deep dive into fees bondsmen charge. It's also critical to understand that you do not get bail money back, specifically the 10% bail fee back from the bondsman.

Baldwin County Jail & Nearby Correctional Facilities & Prisons

Baldwin County Corrections Center
200 Hand Ave, Bay Minette, AL
12.11 miles away
Daphne City Jail
1502 US Highway 98, Daphne, AL
13.13 miles away
City of Mobile County Jail
450 Saint Emanuel St, Mobile, AL
13.81 miles away
Alabama Corrections-Work Camp
14880 County Road 64, Loxley, AL
15.26 miles away
Escambia County Road Prison
601 Highway 297a, Cantonment, FL
31.98 miles away

Sheriff’s Offices & Police Departments Near Baldwin County

Baldwin County Sheriff
1100 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope, AL
6.41 miles away
Silverhill Town Police Department
Silverhill, AL
11.43 miles away
Sheriff's Office
310 Hand Ave, Bay Minette, AL
12.11 miles away
1704 6th St, Daphne, AL
13.13 miles away
Mobile County Sheriff's Office
3966 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL
13.81 miles away

Baldwin County Crime Statistics

Annual number of crimes that were reported to the police in Baldwin County, AL. Data is based on FBI crime statistics database.

Baldwin County Bail Amounts for Different Crimes – How much is bail?

We provide estimates on average bail prices for different misdemeanor and felony crimes in Baldwin County, AL. These are estimates since the exact amounts can vary substantially depending on your age, details involving the charge, criminal history, and prior record of not appearing to court. Check our detailed guide to learn more about how bail is determined, find additional bail prices for crimes, and find out how bail can be lowered.

  • – Ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on type of assault
  • – Possession of controlled substance can range from $500 to 2,500 bail
  • - $25,000 to $100,000 bail amount
  • – No bail amount set or $1 million in some cases
  • – Voluntary manslaughter $100,000 and involuntary starting at $25,000
  • - $500 to $2,500 depending on history and details surrounding the offense
  • – Typically $200 to $500
  • - $20,000 minimum but up to $50,000 in some areas

Baldwin County Demographic Data

Key demographic data based on Census for Baldwin County. Much of this information can be useful for bail bondsmen who are prospecting the county as a possibility to start a bail bonds business. Education, income, and employment statistics are vital in assessing the overall risk of a population when it comes to lending money for bail. Median home values are useful to determine collateral for property bail bonds.

Population in Baldwin County

Baldwin County has seen a 16.7% change in population over a six year period, compared to 2% for Alabama, and 5.5% for the rest of the US.

Ethnicity in Baldwin County
Education Attainment in Baldwin County

Unemployment Statistics in Baldwin County

Unemployment data is based on Bureau of Labor statistics. Employment status is the single most important piece of information that bail bondsmen consider when deciding to bail someone out of jail. Having a job and an active income stream is the single most impactful reassurance bondsmen can have.

Median Household Income in Baldwin County

The median household income for Baldwin County is roughly 122% of the overall Alabama state average.

Median Home Values in Baldwin County, AL

Property bonds are a good way of making bail if an individual has equity in their property but very little or no cash. By looking at the median home values in Baldwin County, AL, we can roughly estimate the asset potential the county’s residents have.
The median home value for Baldwin County is roughly 130% of the overall Alabama state average.

Bail Bonds Related Resources

We pride ourselves on our reader focused approach, which includes providing information on resources that may be useful.

Lawyers in Baldwin County

It’s generally a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer to seek assistance for the trial, fair sentencing, and even to challenge the bail amount that is being set for the person you are looking to release from jail. Particularly when cash bail is set, it’s important that bail is set fairly, which is an area where a lawyer can assist.

If you need free or low-income legal help, you may qualify for assistance from the American Bar Association.

Brandt, Robert C
750 E I 10 Service Rd, Slidell , LA
125.00 miles away
Riecke Development & Construction Co Inc
17940 Painters Row, Covington , LA
127.19 miles away
9135 W Judge Perez Dr Ste A, Chalmette , LA
132.06 miles away
Ballay Braud & Colon PLC
8114 Highway 23, Belle Chasse, LA
132.46 miles away
Edward S Bopp Law Corp
6725 Saint Claude Ave Ste 102, Arabi , LA
133.66 miles away

Job Centers in Baldwin County

One of the shortcomings of the bail system is the time someone can be stuck in jail – it’s often enough time for a person to lose their job. To make matters worse, having a tarnished record further complicated maters. This is why we are listing reputable job centers near Baldwin County, AL to help get people back on their feet.
Fairhope United Methodist Church (Contact Name: Gerald Moore)
Fairhope, AL
6.41 miles away
Bay Minette Career Center
201 Faulkner Drive, Bay Minette, AL
12.11 miles away
Mobile Area Career Center
515 Springhill Plaza Court, Mobile, AL
13.81 miles away
Foley Career Center
200 West Michigan Avenue, Foley, AL
16.04 miles away
Pascagoula WIN Job Center
1604 Denny Avenue, Pascagoula, MS
36.44 miles away