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In need of Connecticut Bail Bonds? Numerous Connecticut bail bonds companies can bail you (or another person) out anytime of the day or night in Connecticut. Our network makes it easy to find and get in touch with a licensed bail bonds company in Connecticut. We also answer many important questions you may have dealing with Connecticut bail bonds.

How do bail bonds work in Connecticut?

Ensuing an arrest, you will be taken to the jail where you will be photographed, fingerprints taken, and processed in the database. Once that process is done, many bail bonds agents will be available in Connecticut to come pick you up discreetly. Payment plans are usually available depending on each case.

To be released from jail, several steps must occur as previously mentioned, including being “booked in” and posting bail. When the bail bond amount is decided, a bail bond agent comes to post the bond at the local jail. At this time the jail release procedure starts and typically takes anywhere from one to two hours to be completed. Although cash bonds are permitted, they are not commonly used due to the high up-front expense. It is much more realistic for a person to use a Connecticut bail bondsman and pay a non-refundable fee than to find a way to cover the entire bail amount. If you cannot afford to use a bail bondsman because the bail amount is set too high, you can request a bail interview/hearing in Connecticut which can lead to an adjustment in the bail amount.

After you are released, you have an obligation to follow through on all agreements you have in place with the court and bail bondsman, such as checking in with the bail company, taking part in any drug testing that’s required, not leaving the state if part of your agreement, and so forth. The key piece to the bail agreement is showing up to all your court dates. If you do not show up, then you are breaking the agreement with the court and bondsman, which will result in a warrant for your arrest and the bail bondsman can send a bounty hunter after you. Once found or arrested, you will be back in jail and your next bail amount might be significantly higher, and you may have a difficulty finding another bail bondsman to bail you out due to the high risk of flight.

Connecticut Bail Bonds agents can help you with all your bail needs:

  • Connecticut Surety Bail Bonds
  • Connecticut Property Bail Bonds
  • Connecticut Immigration Bail Bonds

How much is bail in Connecticut?

Dealing with the question of “How much does a bail bond cost?”, in Connecticut bail bond fees cost a minimum of $50 for any bonds up to $500. Bail bonds over $500 follow the traditional cost structure we see with other states which is 10% of the bond amount. This applies to bonds $500 to $5,000 in value. If the bail bond is higher than $5,000 then the cost of bail comes down to 7%.

This structure attempts to support the paperwork necessary for the bondsman at lower bail levels while assisting the individual with a higher bail amount.

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