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As bail bondsmen, we operate in a unique industry – the usual advertising channels are typically not very effective, we need ways to reach people who are in need and we need to be in front of them at the perfect time. Dedicating a large marketing budget towards TV, radio, and print ads is often not effective. At the end of the day, who really remembers some ad they saw a few weeks ago that didn’t trigger ANY response… people aren’t always in jail, it’s rare they need a bail bond so spending money on proactive advertising just doesn’t make sense for most bondsmen who are already working with limited budgets.

What advertising works best for bondsmen?

Most bail bondsmen use paid online advertising to reach their target audience. Since friends and family members are often the ones bailing out their loved ones, they are also the ones with access to a computer or phone to locate a bondsman online. The organic search market is very competitive in most markets. Getting on page one is difficult enough, let alone being in the top 3 spots where the real traffic comes from. With that in mind, most bondsmen engage in paid advertising via Google Adwords where they pay per click. Costs can add up quickly especially if the bondsman is not an expert in paid ads. You can burn through your budget quickly trying to get visitors to your website.

UPDATE: Google and Facebook have decided to ban bail bonds ads, which means bondsmen can no longer use the Google Adwords pay-per-click network to advertise their business. Read our full article for all the details and learn how bondsmen can thrive despite this harsh decision.

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What are some clever marketing and advertising ideas for bail bonds?

Custom drink coasters to distribute at bars and nightclubs, but this method often doesn’t convert well. Getting into any jail directories is key, but that’s not often an option for new bondsmen as updates are not made regularly. Build a strong network in your local area. Meet with lawyers and negotiate a referral rate. Even religious leaders can be helpful – they hear of challenges people have, and if you are a bondsman that’s willing to work with low-income individuals via payment plans, low fees, and reasonable terms, church members will spread information about your business for being a fair helper in difficult times.

Within the online space, we need to think outside of the general ‘bail bonds’ keywords. Those terms are far too competitive to rank in larger markets. You must think outside the box. Are you in a college town? How about targeting your pages and search terms around “university name DWI bail bond,” or similar terms. Also, think about targeting around specific charges like DWI bail bonds or highlighting your key offerings, such as “1% bail bonds” – you will need to include the city or county you serve with all search terms to boost effectiveness and ranking.

How you can pay for only the bail calls you receive

We offer a pay per call model where bail bondsmen only pay for the calls we send to them. Why waste money on clicks or views that may not lead to anything? Our visitors are looking for bail assistance, and we can highlight your business across our website to generate calls for your business.

Bail Bonds Advertising / Marketing - Pay Per Call Bail Leads

How does Pay Per Call work for bail bonds?
Bail Bonds Network is the first website dedicated to bail bonds that is running a pay per call model to generate leads for bondsmen. We handle the setup and there is no charge for the initial tech setup. As a bondsman, you will receive a unique phone number that we will use to redirect callers to your preferred phone number. Each call will be logged, recording information such as call date and time, call length, and the phone number the call came from. With our paid/premium pay per call campaign, the bondsman will be the featured and recommended agent in their preferred geo area.

The only cost for the bondsman will be the agreed-upon price per call. A call is typically considered as qualified if it lasts 30 seconds or longer and comes from the requested geographical area that the bondsman services.

Why should you promote your bail business with us using Pay Per Call?

  • Paid search is more expensive, we’re cheaper.
  • We’re more effective, pay only for the calls you receive.
  • Search clicks only convert into a call 25-50% of the time.
  • We handle all the setup, no tech knowledge needed.
  • Everything is logged, proof is provided on what calls we generate.
  • No contracts, you can test it for as long as it’s effective for you.
  • Become the #1 recommended bondsman in your market; take away callers from competitors
  • You will be listed in the top bail bonds directory

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