Bail Amounts by Crime – How Much for Bail?

‘Comprehensive’ is how many describe our guide that shows bail amounts you may see for various charges, both felonies and misdemeanors. How much a bail amount is set to can vary on many factors. Bail amounts are set by each jurisdiction so there is variance to what the exact bail bond will be.

Judges can have input so there is also a human factor to the exact amount set. Bail Bonds Network’s research focuses on bail amounts set in California, so the bail amount could be different for your state, but the researched bail amounts can still be used as a baseline.

While many factors exist in setting a bail amount, a few key factors that play a role in the determination of the bail amount are:

  1. Your age
  2. If you have any other current charges
  3. Your criminal history
  4. Prior record of not appearing to court

Significant differences exist in the cost of a bail bond depending on the charge being a misdemeanor vs a felony – felony charges can be 5-10 time higher due to the potential flight risk from a possible long-term sentence. Capital crimes, such as murder with substantial evidence, may not have a bail amount set due to the significant risk of harm to others. The same applies for major felony charges where there is strong evidence that bodily harm was done.

Bail Amounts for Common Misdemeanor Charges

How much is bail for battery?
The bail amount for battery against a peace officer (e.g. police officer) is typically around $2,500. Battery against a spouse or someone else is much higher – around $10,000. Sexual battery carries a felony charge and is typically attached to a $25,000 bail bond.

How much is bail for violation of a restraining order?
Violating a temporary restraining order or any other protective order usually results in a $15,000 bail bond being set.

How much is bail for possession of controlled substance?
Illegal possession of controlled substances comes with a $2,500 bail bond. A second offense results in a $10,000 bail bond, while bonds are set slightly lower at $1,000 for those that are arrested where evidence shows the person is a narcotic addict.

How much is bail for a DUI on suspended license?
These offenses can result in arrest separately depending on circumstances, but when combined, they certainly lead to arrest with a bail bond amount set at $2,500.

How much is bail for DUI or DWI?
Depending on the state, a DUI charge can include drug use but is typically tied to alcohol consumption while operating a vehicle. Some states like Texas separate DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charges while other states group all charges under DUI. DUI charges are often given when the person is below the legal limit but their driving is still negatively impacted. A DWI requires the driver to be over the legal limit. The first DUI charge can be as low as $500 but many states have increased the bail amount to $2,500. A second DUI increases the bail amount to $10,000. A third DUI charge comes with a $15,000 bail amount and significant legal implications for future driving rights. If a fourth DUI charge is received, the misdemeanor turns into a felony and a $50,000 bail bond is often required. Driving under the influence and causing bodily injury to someone often requires a bail bond of $25,000 in most cases. If there is gross negligence, the charge become a felony and bail is set around $100,000.

How much is bail for public intoxication?
The bail amount is set to $200-500 for public indecency or being overly drunk in public.

Bail Amounts for Felony Charges

How much is bail for murder?
There is no bail for murder under certain circumstances. Other murder arrests have a $1 million dollar bail that is typically set. Such cases are reviewed closely and can vary in amount due to the threat risk the person possesses if they were to make bail.

How much is bail for manslaughter?
The bail bond amount will depend on the charge being voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter charges result in a $100,000 bail bond while involuntary charges are $25,000. Driving a vehicle with gross negligence also sets the bail at $100,000.

How much is bail for kidnapping?
General kidnapping arrests come with a $100,000 bail bond. If the kidnapping is of a child under 14 years of age, the kidnapping bail can be set to $500,000. Kidnapping for extortion, robbery, or during a carjacking can lead to a $1,000,000 bail amount being set.

How much is bail for robbery?
First degree robbery often comes with a $100,000 bail bond while a second degree robbery comes at $50,000.

How much is bail for carjacking?
Carjacking is the violent and illegal take over of a vehicle while the owner is still present. There is typically threat and force involved in the takeover of the vehicle. The bail amount is set to around $100,000 for carjacking.

How much is bail for assault?
There are varying levels of assault. Assault with a deadly weapon (but not a firearm) often starts with a bail bond around $25,000. Assault with a firearm jumps to $50,000. Any assault with a firearm upon a peace officer or firefighter has a higher $100,000 bail amount. Assault with the aim to commit rape or another sexual offense is treated much more aggressively and the bail can cost as much as $1,000,000.

How much is bail for rape?
Rape arrests often come with a bail bond amount of $100,000.

How much is bail for unlawful sex with an underage person?
The bail bond is often set anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 for the illegal sexual intercourse with a minor. The bail amount can be set higher or lower depending on the situation, use of force, the victim’s consciousness, the person’s prior criminal record, and age difference. Any act with a child under the age of 10 carries a full $1 million bail bond.

How much is bail for indecent exposure?
$20,000 is the typical bail bond amount that is set for the arrest over indecent exposure.

How much is bail for arson?
Deliberately setting fire to a object or property is called arson. Arrest over arson has a bail amount anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. Arson to a structure or forest land costs $50,000 in most states, while arson to a inhabited structure has the higher $200,000 bail amount. Arson during a state of emergency when there are riots and panic in the streets comes with a $150,000 bail amount.

How much is bail for burglary?
If the burglary occurs on residential property, the bail amount is typically set around $50,000 if no other violations occur. If there is a sexual offense in addition to the burglary charge, the bail can automatically go as high as $1 million. Any violent assault or endangering behavior also increases the bail amount significantly and can be considered a 1st degree violation. Grand theft and embezzlement come with a $20,000 bail or the value of the stolen items, whichever is greater. Petty theft with a prior conviction for theft is set to $20,000.

How much is bail for stalking?
The first charge of stalking with no prior rules in place is usually a call for a $20,000 bail cost. If there is a restraining order in place that is violated for stalking, the bail amount will typically rise to $100,000. Having a prior violation of the restraining order and being arrested for a second stalking case usually increased the bail amount to $150,000.

How much is bail for murder?
Attempted murder has a strict bail bond that is normally set around $500,000. Willful and premeditated murder is served with a $1 million bail. Soliciting murder is also a $1 million bond.

How much is bail for concealed weapon charges?
An arrest for having a concealed weapon on a person or in a vehicle without license can yield up to a $20,000 bail amount. Typically, these charges occur with prior felony convictions or prior violations of deadly weapons. The same applies if the concealed weapon carrier has a with prior conviction where a crime occurred against anther person, property, or involving drugs.

How much is bail for illegal possession of a loaded weapon?
The bail amount set can vary from state to state as firearm laws can vary quiet substantially. The typical bail amount is set around $20,000 but the criminal history and details of the arrest can play a major role in determine the threat of the arrested person.

How much is bail for evading a police officer while driving?
Driving recklessly and attempting to escape the police can result in a $50,000 bail bond if arrested. Any additional results from the chase, such as damage to other vehicles or manslaughter, will carry more significant penalties. Driving in the opposite direction of moving traffic increased the bail amount to $100,000.

How much is bail for a hit and run?
If bodily injury or death occurs, the bail bond is set to $50,000 but the amount can quickly rise if alcohol or drugs were involved.

How much is bail for possession of drugs?
Minor amounts of drugs are often classified as misdemeanors as long as they are not repeat offenses. If a person is arrested for larger quantities of drugs, whether for personal consumption or resale, the penalties fall under felony violations and come with much stiffer bail amounts. The bail amount set rises quickly, with $100,000 for more than 1 lbs, 1 to 3 kilos at $500,000 and 4-10 kilos at $1 million. The bail amount can increase to as much as $5,000,000 if the amount is as high as 80 kilos.

How much is bail for marijuana arrest?
Marijuana is legal in a few states for medical and personal use. States that have not legalized marijuana typically focus on a simple misdemeanor charge for a first time offense if someone has marijuana in their system or was caught in possession with a small amount. Marijuana charges and arrest can quickly escalate to significant felony levels if the person is found to be illegally growing marijuana which typically ends with a $20,000 bail bond being set. Possession of marijuana with the intent to sell starts with a $20,000 bond, but if the amount is over 50 lbs, then the bail amount is set closer to $100,000.

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Our guide on bail bonds amounts is comprehensive, showing bail amounts you may see for various charges, both felonies and misdemeanors. How much bail is set to can vary based on jurisdiction, criminal history, and input from the judge. Bail Bonds Network's research focuses on all these factors to help you prepare.
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