Bail Amounts by Crime in Texas

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Bail amounts by crime in Texas

We analyzed a multi-year data collection effort on pretrial release to determine the average bail amounts by crime in Texas.

Data is based on the averages by crime and taking into account the defendant’s age, number of charges for the arrest, and the prior number of arrests for the individual.

Table of Texas Bail Amounts by Crime

Data Table of Bail Amounts in Texas by Specific Crime

The listed bail amounts are the Texas average for the described charge/crime committed.

Use the search functionality in the table to filter down to specific crimes of interest.

The age is the average age of individuals for whom the data was captured for.

Number of total charges is based on the number of charges in total that were part of the arrest (e.g. assault and drug charge in one arrest) – the bail amount in these cases is based on the highest offense charge.

The average number of prior arrests is listed and typically drives up the bail amount the higher it goes.

The supplemental data on prior arrests and number of charges can be used to better understand how bail amounts can differ depending on someone’s arrest history and the total scope of the arrest.

Descriptions can be abbreviated as that is how the jail and court systems logged their notes.

How much is bail for a felony in Texas?

Felonies in Texas include criminal homicide, murder, aggravated robbery, and sexual assault. They range from 1st-degree to 3rd-degree felonies. Bail amounts range from $5,000 to over $100,000 and even “no-bail” circumstances. Consult our detailed data table on bail amounts to see specific charges and their bail amounts.

Average bail amount for a misdemeanor

Misdemeanors in Texas can be as low as $500 for Class C misdemeanors. Class B and A misdemeanors can quickly scale up to $5,000 – $10,000. Specific misdemeanors are listed in our data table for analysis.

What percentage of bail do you pay in Texas?

Unlike other states, Texas has a unique way of handling bail bond costs. Rather than having one set fee percentage that is charged for each bail bond in the state, Texas allows each county to regulate its bail bond system in accordance with Chapter 17.04 (Texas Occupations Code). The general bail bond fee in Texas is 10% but each county has the power to decide a minimum, maximum, or neither

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