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Are you looking for Arizona Bail Bonds? Our network helps you find and get in touch with a licensed bail bond agent in Arizona. We also answer many important questions you may have regarding the bail bond process in Arizona and how much bail bonds cost.

How do bail bonds work in Arizona?

Numerous Arizona bail bond companies can bail you (or another person) out anytime anywhere in Arizona. At your convenience, many bail bonds agents will come pick you up discreetly. Payment plans are usually available depending on the situation.

To better understand how bail bonds work in Arizona, it’s important to know what bail options you have and what to expect while in jail. Upon arrest anywhere in the state of Arizona, a person is usually processed at the local county jail. To be released from jail, a few steps must occur, including being booked into jail and posting bail. Once the bail amount is decided, a bail bonds agent can be called to post the bond at the local jail. At this time the jail release procedure starts and typically can take anywhere from one to two hours to be completed.

Arizona Bail Bonds agents can help you with all your bail needs:

  • Arizona Immigration Bail Bonds
  • Arizona Property Bail Bonds
  • Arizona Surety Bail Bonds

In addition to using a bail bondsman for a fee, there are a few other bail options that should be considered in Arizona:

  • Own Recognizance Release in Arizona – The jail can release you on Own Recognizance (OR) which is typically used on smaller crimes committed and the judge finds you low risk and has strong confidence that you will show up to court. You don’t need to pay a fee and you simply sign documents promising to appear for your court cases, plus any other stipulations set by the Arizona jail system.
  • Cash bail – You can always pay the bail amount with cash or a money order, but you have to pay the entire bail amount. The benefit here is that Arizona’s court will give you back the full bail amount minus any administrative fees upon completion of court dates. Be aware that your money will be held up with the court until your case is complete.
  • Arizona Pre-Trial Services – The judge may release you on pre-trial services terms. This means you do not have to pay a bail amount to be freed from jail, but the judge will put other stipulations into place, such as GPS tracking, drug testing, a rehab program, or other requirements.
  • Third-Party Release in Arizona – For low level offenses and cases where an individual has a reasonably clean record, the judge may release the arrested person to a Third Party, such as a loved one who can help monitor the person and help ensure they appear for all court cases. This person is held accountable for the released person and there needs to be a high level of confidence that this is the right path.

How much is bail in Arizona?

Dealing with the question of “How much does a bail bond cost?“, Arizona requires a 10% bail bond fee for all bail written by a bondsman. You can sometimes find a special exception where the cost of the bail bond is only 8% but those cases are rare and only under certain circumstances.

The good news is that Arizona has put a new law in place as of April 2017 where low-income people can be given a discount or even have their bail fee waived completely. This is only for low income and low level crimes.

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Can a bondsman charge you money to take a bond to the jail so that someone can get released? Can a civilian take a bond to the jail to have someone released?