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You are stressed and under pressure to release yourself or a loved one from a Los Angeles county jail or another part of California. You don’t have time to talk to all the bail bondsmen in the area to find the best deal, but you also don’t want to get ripped off. You want the best deal on a bail bond – which would obviously be a 0% down bail bond. You will see tons of ads from LA bondsmen offering anywhere from 5%, 3%, 1%, and all the way down to 0% down payments on bail bonds.

No need to worry, we’ve done all the research for the Los Angeles area and will point you to the right LA bondsman for 0% Down bail bonds, and we will also help answer many common questions dealing with no money down bail.

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What does a 0%, 1%, 3%, or 5% Down Bail Bond Mean?

Let’s get the basics out of the way. A bail bonds agent will charge you around 10% for the premium on the bail bond, meaning you will owe them $1,000 on a $10,000 bail bond. This amount is non-refundable. In this example, the $1,000 premium is not always easy to come by, so you may want to explore payment plans where you only need to put down a percentage of that $1,000. If you find a bail bondsman in the LA area with 0% down, or often referred to as no-money down, then you will not have to pay anything upfront and you will simply start your monthly payments to pay off the $1,000 as agreed with the bondsman. Similarly, if a Los Angeles bondsman offered you 3% down, then you would need to pay $300 upfront and the remaining $700 via monthly payments.

How do you qualify for 0% Down Bail Bonds?

Not everyone is eligible for the low down payment options. If you are bailing someone out who is a high flight risk or has previously not attending court dates, then you may not qualify for a low payment option with a Los Angeles bondsman. The bail bond agent may also ask about your financial situation before committing to a low down payment. How is your credit (strong, average, weak)? Do you have any property? If you own a house where you have $75,000 in equity, and the bail bond is $55,000 then the bondsman may give you 0% down because you have enough collateral to offset any risk. When talking to your bondsman, be prepared to answer some of these common questions.

Negotiate with your bail bondsman! What will it take to get from 3% to 2% down? Can you offer to come in for more frequent check-ins with the bondsman, or are you able to add an extra co-signer, or show extra good-will with plans to continue attending school classes, drug/alcohol prevention courses, or maintain your job immediately after release from jail? Build confidence and a rapport with your bail bondsman and see if you can partner to help one another. The key is to limit flight risk for the LA bondsman, while giving you a down payment and monthly rate you can afford.

Our Most Recommended LA Bondsman with 0% Down

Bail Bonds in Los Angeles - 0% Down Bail Bonds, 1%, 3%, and 5% Down LA County Bondsman

The Firm Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, LA Bondsman
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As low as 0% Down! Lowest Rates Guaranteed, Trustworthy, Affordable payment plans, 24/7 service, and no collateral! We personally spoke with Lewis at The Firm Bail Bonds and 100% back them as a trusted bondsman. Give them a call if you need help!

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